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  1. Life has given you experience- Share it with others!

    Wednesday from 9am-10am our adults gather to support each other and learn life skills such as parenting, job readiness, household management, budgeting, stress management; the list is endless!

  2. Reading Rainbow

    Gather the kids for a story when the parents are cleaning up from supper, doing chores and getting bedtime routines ready. Mondays from 9-10 am.

  3. Family Fun Nights

    Schedule a fun night of movies and popcorn, board games or what ever you can dream up!


Donations are always welcome at Village of Hope. Please click on the button below to make a tax-deductible contribution.

Thank you!



  • Postage Stamps
  • Reams of Paper
  • Bleach
  • Trash Bags 33 gallon
  • Walmart,Target,Gas Cards, Hair Cut gift cards
  • Pillows
  • New or Used board games
  • New or Used DVDs (G and PG and PG13)
  • Diapers
  • Bus Tokens –Paul Bunyan Transit 751-8765
  • Coloring Books
  • Queen Size New or Used Blankets

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